Innovative and Effective

We seek to understand our client's needs.

Then we use our knowledge and skills to identify and generate the best solutions which take our clients' unique circumstances into consideration. We also look for solutions that manage risk the best for our clients.

We discuss the options with our clients. We are candid in our assessment and opinions to our clients. We believe this is in the best interest of our clients.

We execute the best solution as agreed upon with our clients.

Who we are

Your Innovative and Effective Legal Services Provider


We are an innovative and effective legal services provider.


We believe in finding the most innovative, practical and effective solution to our client's needs. This means we seek to understand the needs of our clients and think creatively to find the best solutions.


We are always looking for the best way to manage risk for our clients.


We understand business and our legal assistance is given with sound commercial judgment.

Top Reasons to Choose Us!



Risk thinking

Commercial judgment

Practice area


Property transactions, Corporate and Commercial transactions, Estate planning and Succession

Legal Representation

Legal representation (courts and tribunals); alternative dispute resolution; pre-emptive legal advice.

Diaspora Services


If you are in the diaposra, we can look after the interests back home (services tailor made for our clients in the diaspora).



Consultancy in legal research, compliance and risk management.

We are lawyers who are innovative, effective, think risk and are commercial sound in our judgment.

Innovative thinking


We look for solutions wherever they may be found.

Risk thinking


We understand risk management principles.

Business thinking


We understand business and commercial imperatives.

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